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This simple website has the only purpose to share the Neverwinter Nights server you play on (or you own) with everybody over the web with a nice custom page or some fancy image created real time every time. All what we need is the IP or the DNS address of the server and the UDP port (usually the standard 5121 should be fine) and select what kind of template you like to show the data.
So much win!

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2014.08.18 If Iscandar fails to check your server, add these values to your hosts file:

2014.01.02 Over 2'000'000 hits in 2013! NWN is still alive! Happy new year!
2012.02.01 Over 1'000'000 hits in 2011!
2011.07.18 reached over 6'000 hits per day! ^_^
2011.07.16 Enjoy the new Banner template! ;)
2011.07.15 Iscandar is evolving, I'm working on new templates!
2011.01.05 Iscandar android client beta is now online! Happy new year!
2010.12.03 Iscandar is now out of "beta".
2010.11.12 100'000 hits reached!
2010.10.28 New "white" and "signature" templates now available!
2010.10.24 New "image" template now available!

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